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The idea behind this page is to link all the poetry, spread about Parrish Lantern's PomesAllSizes. Whether this is the poetry and information on individual poets (biog's etc.), or posts on publishers that specialize or have a poetry catalogue amongst their portfolio. The name comes from a small book of poetry by Jack Kerouac, this was published in 1992 by Lawrence Ferlinghetti's City Lights Books, as part of the Pocket Poets Series (#48) and had an introduction by Allen Ginsberg. It is also the name I use for The Parrish Lantern's - Pocket Anthology on Twitter.Hopefully people accessing this, or the twitter page, will enjoy what they find and in the process - will introduce me to their favourite Poem/Poet, a favoured poetry magazine/ Journal or even a link to some wonderful site or poetry Blog,  As a polite introduction to a new idea is always welcome, Thanks.

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A poem is a smal
(or large) machine
 made out of words
William Carlos Williams
Poetry is prose bewitched,
 a music made of visual thoughts,
 the sound of an idea.
Mina Loy
Poetry is the language
 in which man
 his own amazement.
Christopher Fry
Poetry is the journal
 of the sea animal
 living on land
wanting to fly in the air.
 is a search for syllables
 to shoot at the barriers
 of the unknown
 and the unknowable.

 Poetry is a phantom script
telling how rainbows are made
 and why they go away.

Carl Sandburg
 The Collections. 

Poetry is language at its most distilled
 and most powerful.
Rita Dove

Poetry heals the wounds
 inflicted by reason. 

Poetry is man's rebellion
 against being what he is.
James Branch Cabell

Poetry is not a civilizer
 rather the reverse,
 for great poetry
 appeals to the
 most primitive instincts

Robinson Jeffers

Poetry is just the evidence of life.
 If your life is burning well,
 poetry is just the ash
 Leonard Cohen

Poets are soldiers that liberate words
 from the steadfast possession
 of definition
Eli Khamarov
It is the job of poetry to clean up
 our word-clogged reality
 by creating silences 
around things

Stephen Mallarm

You can tear a poem apart
 to see what makes it tick....
 You're back with the mystery 
of having been moved by words.
 The best craftsmanship
 always leaves holes and gaps... 
so that something that is not 
in the poem can creep,
 crawl, flash or thunder in.
Dylan Thomas.
Poetry is nearer to vital
 truth than history.

 The Waffle. 

Everything one invents is true,
 you may be perfectly sure of that.
 Poetry is as precise as geometry.
Gustave Flaubert
The poet doesn't invent.
 He listens.
Jean Cocteau

Poetry is the revelation of a feeling
that the poet believes to be interior
 and personal which the reader
 recognizes as his own.
Salvatore Quasimodo

The poet is a liar
 who always speaks the truth
Jean Cocteau

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