Monday, July 19, 2010

A bedtime tale

Or an introduction to Dr Seuss - A Classic Treasury, in the style of Dr Seuss. (AS told by KT & her Dad.)

 Daddy, Daddy please please can,
 You read to me Green eggs & ham
 No, no this tale, I do not like
 I would not, could not read it tonight                                                                              
well, would you, could you now & then
  even possibly soon & when
read it with me, Barbie & Ken
 No I wouldn't now & then 

Would you, could you on a boat
 somewhere of the Norfolk coast                                           
whilst the captain makes some toast
 would you, could you on a boat
No I wouldn't on a boat
even with jam on my toast 
 floating off the English coast
 no I wouldn't on a boat 

Will you, will you on a horse 
 riding round a jumping course 
  reading  semaphore & Morse 
 will you, would you on a horse

No I wouldn't on a horse
 not even on a dressage course
 read in semaphore & Morse
 never, never on a horse
Daddy, Daddy please please can,
  you read to me Green eggs & ham
Green eggs & ham, this very night                                        
 this is something I would not like

Well, would you, could you in a field   
 speeding down a giant hill 
on an old & rusty shield  
would you read it in a field

 Never, never in a field
it would make me rather ill
speeding on a rusty shield
 I'll never read it in a field

  How about read it to a goat
  who's telling rather saucy jokes
  whilst waterskiing round a moat
 would you read it to a goat


 Read it, read it to a goat  
who's waterskiing round a moat 
 this is a rather poor taste joke
I will not, read it to a goat

 Well could you teach me, then & now 
 to read this book, show me how
so I can read green eggs & ham 
 then I can read it , when I can


 Ok, my daughter I confess
 even if its under duress
 I do like Seuss, I have to say
 I would teach you to read him any day
 But, I will read it till you sleep
 count, count, counting all the sheep
 cuddly toys piled in a heap
 on your bed, that's never neat

I will read him now & then
& together with your friends
somewhere off the Norfolk coast
bob, bob, bobbing on a boat    

 I will read him on a horse
 signing  semaphore & Morse
 whilst I'm sitting in a field
slip, slip, sliding on a shield

I will read it to a goat
who's waterskiing round a moat
  I will read green eggs & ham
 to you my daughter, yes I can                                          

   With you my daughter, yes we can !!


When my daughter was younger, a lot of the books were what I  would describe as " very girly" stories, full of princesses lounging about the place waiting to be saved. My daughter loved having  me read stories to her, but these "girly" ones I didn't like, found I couldn't invest any real passion or joy in them. So when I came across a couple of books, One being - Spike Milligan's, A children's treasury of Milligan ( really funny book), & the other being this one - Dr Seuss, A classic treasury, I suddenly found not only did I enjoy reading to her again, but there was all these daft characters that I could become. Her bedtime suddenly turned into a performance, with both of us playing different characters (complete with silly voices) & as she got older & she started reading confidently, she found she could join in and even read it to me.  
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Man of la Books said...

That was great.

I actually love reading Green Eggs & Ham to my kids more than they like to hear it. Sometimes my daughter (5) picks it because she wants to suck up to me, LOL.

parrish lantern said...

My daughters 9 & although she's way past it , with her reading every now & then she chooses it & we each take a character. Have you come across Spike Milligans - A childrens treasury of Milligan, theres a poem , on the Ning,Nang,Nong, she still adores this, in fact she could recite it before she could read.

Michelle Berg said...

I agree, my daughters Barbie books have gone "missing" when no one was looking! But, I can read ANYTHING by Dr. Seuss!
Little Nipper Books

parrish lantern said...

This book & the Milligan one made my daughter's bedtime reading with myself, fun & has allowed us a continuing bonding experience through reading.