Monday, May 14, 2012

The Official Winner of the IFFP

Independent Foreign Fiction Prize Shortlist Announced

The results for the official Independent Foreign Fiction Prize is in, so a hearty congratulations to Blooms of Darkness, written by Aharon Appelfeld & translated by Jeffrey M. Green. The judges said of this book  “Jeffrey M Green's incantatory translation from the Hebrew does ample justice to a novel that meditates on the imagination, memory and language itself”. blooms-of-darkness-2

Although it didn’t feature in the shadow jury’s short list, Mark from Eleutherophobia, said that the Writer “has crafted a nice, and somehow soul-enriching novel.” and our chairman, Stu from Winstonsdad said that “Aharon has shown why he considered one of the foremost Hebrew writers”.  So although this wasn’t my personal favourite, or the choice of the shadow jury(RobMark, Lisa,TonyStu, Simon and myself)), Congratulations to Aharon Appelfeld & Jeffrey M. Green from all the members of the shadow jury & hope you enjoy yourself at the official celebrations this evening.

Here are the shadow jury posts on this the official IFFP 2012 winner.
MarkSimonStu, Tony

And here a link to all our posts on the 2012 IFFP .

Thanks to all from Booktrust  and The British Arts Council , for their support and thanks also to Nikesh Shukla for aiding us in this process.

Also once again I want to thank all my fellow Judges for making this such a successful first year for the Shadow IFFP & an additional thanks to Stu for the original invite & if he does it again - I'm in :-)


Bellezza said...

Thank you for highlighting the winner, and for giving me(us) your personal favorite (From The Mouth of The Whale). Looking forward to getting these two novels, but I'll look for my nook first rather than my local library. Which, as you know, is notorious for not having quality fiction. I love that you, and the others, read translated fiction so passionately. I long to read more of it with you.

@parridhlantern said...

Hi Bellezza, I read From the mouth of the whale on my Kindle, so I know that's in an E-book format, as to the winning book, I'm guessing it probably is nowadays. Thanks for your comments & hope you enjoy them, with one proviso check the posts on the winner before you purchase as subject matter could be seen as controversial.

Bellezza said...

Are you saying too controversial for me? :)

@parridhlantern said...

Controversial may have been too strong a word, but there is a relationship between an 11 year old boy & a middle age woman that if the genders were swapped may have caused a louder cry. I've not yet read the book but a couple of the others who have, mentioned it in their posts.

Bellezza said...

Okay; a little reverse Lolita so to speak. I can handle that, especially if it won the IFFP. To me, that means it's still a literary work and not just written for sensationalism (such as The Fifty Shades of Grey I scorned in a former post).

gina said...

Kudos to the shadow jury!

stujallen said...

he gave a lovely winning speech ,I had this in the middle of the list but was shocked when it won ,all the best stu

@parridhlantern said...

I hope you enjoy it Bellezza & let me know if you do thanks.

Hi Gina, thanks for the comment & I still think ours was a better choice.

Hi Stu, glad you had a great evening & shame I couldn't go.

Elizabeth said...

Pretty neat header.


Found you on the Literary Blog Hop List and decided to stop over.

Stop by my blog if you like. I also have a giveaway going on.


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@parridhlantern said...

Hi Elizabeth, thanks for popping by & will return the favour, thanks.