Monday, January 23, 2012

Do you love a book so much you want everyone to read it? #WBN2012



Welcome to World Book Night UK & EireWBN2012

World Book Night is a celebration designed to spread a love of reading and books. Celebrated on April 23, 2012 it will see tens of thousands of people gift books within their communities to spread the joy and love of reading. In 2012 World Book Night will be celebrated in the UK, Ireland and USA.


Do you love a book so much you want everyone to read it?

World Book Night launched in 2011 and saw 20,000 passionate readers across the UK give 1 million books to light or non readers thereby spreading the joy and love of reading. Reading changes lives and at the heart of World Book Night lies the simplest of ideas and acts - that of putting a book into another person’s hand and saying ‘this one’s amazing, you have to read it’.
World Book Night 2012 will be held on April 23 and we are once more looking for 20,000 volunteer givers. This year our givers will be distributing 24 copies each (480,000 books) with the further books distributed directly to prisons and libraries through our charitable partners.WBN2011,b
Last year my daughter and I took part in the first World Book Night and as well as giving away our allotted 48 books, 48 people left with a smile on their face and a joy they weren’t expecting, make that 50, as my daughter and I both left with a smile, with a joy born of the fact that we were the givers of a small world, that because of that act someone may explore more.
So please sign up, as well as helping spread the word, the love of books, you’ll benefit yourself from a warm glow, knowing that someone may read a book they would have never considered reading & although this hopefully will be The Parrish Lantern’s 2nd year of involvement, I’m just as excited (as is my daughter) and hoping we can participate in many more years & with many more nations coming on board.
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In order to be a Giver you must be:
Aged 16 or over and resident in the UK and Ireland
Able to collect 24 copies of your book from your local bookshop or library
Committed to giving your books away on or around World Book Night to non or light readers
Givers will be chosen based on
Where, to whom & why you want to give books away
For more information about the specially chosen World Book Night books click here
For further tips about where to give your books away click here
To read the terms and conditions of being a World Book Night giver click here


stu said...

I m going have a think I do have issuse with the choices for translation on list ,all the best stu

@parridhlantern said...

Totally agree with you, I also think that more countries should be on board, for it to be truly a World Book Night, but by being on the outside you have no influence, the only way you can make any realistic changes to the process is by taking part and working for a better representation of world literature for a world book night. said...

This is a marvelous cause. I'm sure the libraries and prisons will definitely be grateful for the books. Bravo on collecting and giving.

Judith Leeswammes said...

Although I'm in the Netherlands, I loved World Book Night last year. First of all there was a whole night of book talk on the BBC and then in the days after, bloggers started to report their experience with giving away their book night books. I loved it!

Better still if we'd get something like that here, but I think it's unlikely. We do have a week every year in which an older book is reprinted and given out for free but it's usually not all that popular. (I haven't even read my copy from last year yet).

@parridhlantern said...

Hi Lena, was only a giver,the world book night organisation sorts the rest.If you click the USA link you can get involved on your side.

Hi Judith,Since writing this I've found out Germany is taking part now, so hopefully it will spread & other countries will come on board.

gina said...

All my local bookshops are signed on as distribution points. Exciting! Still haven't confirmed whether I'll be in town on the 23rd. Tick tock!

(Which book would you choose to give away?)

Leeswammes (Judith) said...

I didn't know that Germany is taking part! That's great. The English were a bit quick in calling the event "World" Boook Night, but who knows, one day it may be.

@parridhlantern said...

Hi Gina, glad to see it's getting a lot of support & hope you can find out in time.

Hi Judith, I agree that it sounds like we were a bit quick to name it World Book Night, but I do believe the plan/wish has always been to get as many countries on board as possible.

Serena said...

This sounds like a good time.

@parridhlantern said...

I took part last year with my daughter & we had a great time, have entered again with my daughter as we enjoyed it so much.The great news it's over in the USA now and hopefully spreading.