Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ian Buxton

              101 Whiskies to try before you die                      

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In the introduction “101 whiskies to try before you die” the author describes this book as a list with a difference

It is not an awards list

It is not a list of the 101 “best” whiskies in the world

It is simply,(as it says in the title) a guide to 101 whiskies that an enthusiast should seek out and try- love them or hate them- to complete their whisky education, what’s more it’s practical and realistic.


But, I think it’s a lot more than this. Forget the enthusiasts, they already have an array of books, and a veritable cacophony of experts clamouring for your last shilling. This little book deliberately avoids the obscure malt, deliberately shies away from any pseudo holy grail of the whisky aficionado, and by narrowing its vision to Single Malts, Blends, and Vatted Malts, that, with a little effort it is possible to track down. The author has produced one cracking little book, suited to any one with an interest no matter how slight.

  This is a book that cuts through the clutter, decodes the marketing hype and gets straight to the point; whether from India, America, Sweden, Ireland, Japan or the hills, glens and islands of Scotland, here are the 101 whiskies that you really want to taste.

Try them before you die. 101 ib

This is a fantastic little book, wrap it up and stick it under the tree, present it with a  bottle of your favoured ones preferred tipple, or better still choose a bottle from the book & find out if you agree with the author.

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Em said...

I'm not too much into whisky, but I really liked Redbreast when I tasted it. It's made in the distillerie near where I live. I wonder if he mentions it?

@parridhlantern said...

Hello, Em. yes he does, infact he mentions that it has won awards & is always highly rated in independent tastings, although not tried this myself yet.

Orhedea said...

I love books like that. Cultural historys. I just read one about Absinthe)

@parridhlantern said...

@Orhedea: Hi, "Cultural histories" is a good term for books like this & the world of whisky has a lot of,history & also romance woven through the nations that have produced it.

Em said...

No wonder why it costs so much in my local then!

@parridhlantern said...

Hi Em, thats down to age, VAT, & your landlords profit margins(LOL).