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Hi if you've found your way here, you're either lost in which case backtrack. Or ........ ........    for some reason you are interested in the individual behind Parrish Lantern's PomesAllSizes. My name is Gary Moon I am happily married male who has realised that the coolest thing you can actually be is a father( I have a teenage daughter who is the bane & unconditional joy of my existence).By day I'm a Community Support Organiser & my job entails managing the day to day requirements of a community based day service. Meeting the needs and aspirations of adults with a learning disability, facilitating a person centred approach in the development and support of the service through partnership working with other professional bodies, volunteer groups & families/carers. Responsible for a permanent staff group of twenty & also liaising with agency for additional staff. I also work as a practice learning facilitator with Canterbury Christ Church University supporting their students in gaining an understanding of the requirements needed to work with Adults with learning difficulties...In my spare time guess what?, yeah that's right I read , listen to music & occasionally drink malt whisky. I also enjoy cycling  ( road & mtb)  oh & the odd trip to the pub.


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Why The £%^&*!! Parrish Lantern

If anyone whilst in communication with me ( via comments etc) suddenly stops, mid breath, or whilst checking out this Blog thinks to themselves ”Why The  # £$%*!?  Parrish Lantern”.
Well when I started this I wanted something to differentiate me from my 9-5 ,5 days a week self, some alto ego( batman, spiderman you fill in the gaps) & as I’ve used Parrish lantern for my email for a while it kinda made sense. The name is a colloquialism for the moon(my surname) as it was the only light source for rural places back in the mists of time,the only lantern to light a path through the dark paths & byways.I came across the name & stole it from dean koontz as it was the name of a character in “By the light of the moon” quite liked the individual(character) ,loved the name & its meaning so i sneaked it of the page & started using it as my own. Confession over,  hope you’ll recover from the shock of my misdemeanor & still visit this blog . If you like join & feel free to add your own input, because - a polite introduction to a new idea, whether its a book, some music or a malt whisky is always welcome".

Here on The Parrish Lantern's PomesAllSizes, I will occasionally review books, as this is something I enjoy doing, if any writer or publisher  is considering this site for their new book, to save us both any unnecessary embarrassment please check out 

         Parrish Lantern's Review Policy.



If an author, artist or whisky appears in this Blog, its because I like/love the book, music or malt. Because of this all my reviews are positive.Anything I don’t like, thought was no good or absolutely hated, doesn't make the Blog, doesn’t get mentioned


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  1. thanks for your comment gary on my blog ,like yours too ,lot japanese books ,just about to read oe a personal matter my self ,add you to my fee reader all the best stu

  2. Thanks Stu, I love your site all that world literature i've yet to experience, will be checking it out regulary.

  3. Parrish,
    Thanks for stopping by. I have never tried whiskey but your blog compels me to try. What would you suggest for a first timer who normally enjoys a woodsy, dry red wine?

    Best Regards,

    A Woman Reading

  4. Hi,thanks for checking us out. This was a lot harder than I thought, because as a whisky lover, there's a responsibility to get it right, & in doing so welcome a new fan to the fold. So I started with the language to see if the words are used in the same context. Bujt as an example - Dry, it is used in whisky, but with it you have sweet notes, a bit like fruit (berries & cherries) cutting through the tannin in a dry red wine. Also by woody I hope you mean oak, which translates into those tannins & also vanilla flavours in whisky. I've tried as best as I can to keep it to fairly standard expressions, so they'll be easier to find.Confession time I was also tempted to take the easy route & just introduce you to my favourite malts, Ardbeg, Lagavulin etc. which are very smokey & intense (as you like the dry & woodsy flavour), but that would be throwing you in the deep end, as if you didn't like them it may taint your opinion to all whiskies & like wine if you don't like one, there are others (1000's)& at the end of the day this is just a selection.
    Macallan 10yr old.(Scot) vanilla, raisin, spices & lots of fruit.
    Glenfarclas 12 yr old.(Scot)honey comb & oak spice, finishing with raisins & dry vanilla.
    Yamazaki 12 yr old.(Jap)Palate quite dry & herbal becoming fruitier & smokey.
    Caol Isla,connoisseurs choice.(Scot)peaty, smokey with touches of citrus(like sunshine through clouds).
    If you like the idea of something more intense the longrow reviewed on my homepage or the ardbegs that are also there are some of the most sublime tasting whiskies around & if this inspires you to try & you want more information, click the whisky books label on my home page, thanks for your interest & i hope you find at lest one you love.
    Thanks Parrish.

  5. Hi Gary Moon, have you heard of Farfalla Press or the poet Gary Parrish? We would love a link, take care.

  6. have not heard of either, though will check out, as I am a life long lover of poetry. Is Farfalla Press purely a poetry press, or does it cover other literature.
    Thanks for the visit.
    Ps. The name was surreptitiously stolen from a Dean Koontz Character, I know it wasn't cool, and it was possibly reprehensible, but I saw it laying there on the page & I just had to have it.

  7. It's ok, I like this blog and am a lover of poetry and whiskey myself. Dean Koontz I'm not that sure about but I do love Kerouac.

    Take care Moon and keep people reading and fighting the good fight against television.

    All Best, Gary Parrish

  8. Hi Gary, Koontz is just McDonald's, not a proper meal, but every now & then it makes a light snack, and as for television, this fight is not a battle , it's merely a skirmish in the history of books & entertainment.
    Ps Kerouac & whisky, what's not to like.

  9. Your blog is developing well. A distinctive "voice" and you seem to be getting a lot of reader. My "snack" would be Lee Childs "Jack Reacher" series which never fail to amuse. Love Murukami too

  10. Have read & enjoyed Lee Child's Books about Reacher the psychotic but fair ex MP myself.
    Thanks for your comment, I am trying to create my own identity for this blog, sort of, working my way out of the shadows of those blogs that I admire & used as a template, whilst learning about this blogging thing. My aim is an individual persona for this, but incorporating elements I love from other sites, almost in the way that who I am is a combination of what I've read & experienced, as I'm guessing yours is.
    Thanks again

  11. Your name, Parrish Lantern, also makes me think of the book "The Lunar Men" who had a society for discussion of important issues that met at the full moon -- to enable them to walk home safely. Also, when you google "Parrish Lantern" images you get reproductions of a painting of lanterns by Maxfield Parrish. Fun associations! And thanks for introducing yourself by commenting on my blog posts recently.

    Mae at

  12. Hi Mae, will have to check out that book as to Maxfield was aware of that connection particularly in the early days of this blog as the paintings would come up a lot when I looked up the The Parrish Lantern. Thank you for checking out my blog & for introducing yourself.

  13. Hey Parrish! Just passing by and wanted to say hello after disappearing for a few years. Just checking on a few blogs that meant something to me and glad to see yours is still up and running!
    Take care,


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