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A Poetry Competition For Serbian Poets In Great Britain 2012

An initiative launched by

The Serbian Library in London.

Back around the middle of January, I received an Email from the director of one of my favourite indie publishers, stating that they were to be a judge in a poetry competition. This piqued my interest, then added was the information that this would be for the Serbian Society and that the entrants could be in either Serbian or English, this sent both my interest in poetry & my interest in translated literature alarms buzzing. So, when I was asked if I would be interested in posting on this and placing the winners poem on The Parrish Lantern – Well I guess you all know what I Serbia_relief_mapsaid?

Over to the details:

The Serbian Library in London has launched an initiative to bring together poets and writers within Great Britain, with the aim of creating a data base enabling regular reporting on developments and events regarding literature, poetry, literary evenings, also the publication of new books and publishing initiatives in both Britain and Serbia, and  eventually the wider world.

At the moment Serbian poets in Great Britain do not have many opportunities to showcase their poetry in their native language to the wider public, nor is there an annual public event at which poets and writers can meet to exchange experiences or to meet other poets from around the country. Such events would be inspirational and would allow the public to familiarise themselves with new developments in poetry and to follow the emotional and creative journeys of their favourite poets.

The Serbian Library in London’s initiative is to organise the first ever poetry competition which should attract Serbian-British poets who write in Serbian or English. The winners of the competition, which will be the top poets in each language, will have their poems published in a book and all entrants will have the pleasure of having one of their poems read at a poetry evening organised by the Serbian Library in London to promote the event and to announce the prize winners.

The aim of the competition is to encourage the poets to write in their mother tongue, as well as those who wish to write in either, also to enable the British Serbian community to enjoy a developing relationship with their culture and to proudly share that relationship with the others outside of this community. Past generations of writers have left us their poetry, reflecting the world they lived in and allowing us an understanding of their time, their lines awakening feelings of love, generosity, and patriotism. Through the celebration of new poetry, thanks can be offered to those that have come before and through its promotion future generations can reflect on our words.

Objavljuje pobednike Konkursa poezije*

The judging panel will consist of editors and writers from Britain and Serbia and will be made up of three judges and a representative of the Serbian Library in London. Each judge will read all the poems on their own and by this method of selection a winner will be chosen. The Winner will be announced on the 2nd February 2013.

Competition Jury:

Sonja Besford - Poet and Author & President of Association of Writers and Artists Abroad
Vesna Goldsworthy - Kingston University Professor & Poet and Author
Susan Curtis-Kojaković – Izdavač** / Publisher Istros Books

I also hope to have the winner’s poem on The Parrish Lantern, original and in translation by Susan Curtis-Kojaković, from Istros Books.

Here’s hoping that this initiative will be supported and that many poets will respond to the invitation, spreading the poetry of their nation to all who can listen.



Here is link for more details about the Serbian corner at the Library:

*Announces the winners from the Poetry Competition

**  Publisher

***The Serbian Library in London


Tom Cunliffe said...

Fascinating - that's a bit of a niche isn't it - poetry from Serbia. I would imagine that its difficult not to lose a lot in translation. Serbia still seems to be thought of as a bit of a pariah nation by many Europeans so anything that redresses the balance is to be welcomed.

Brian Joseph said...

This is a great idea for an event. I must admit to never having read Serbian Poetry before but like any culture I am willing to be that the niche contains many little recognized gems.

I look forward to reading the winning poem on your blog!

@parridhlantern said...

Hi Tom, possibly some meaning could be lost, but to what degree is down to the translator skills, I'm guessing. Don't hope to be able to change deep felt antipathies' but like with all translated literature it can open up an understanding of a culture & through that a coming together.

Hi Brian, my knowledge of this area is limited, a small amount on sites like Poetry international & the odd anthology, but like you state I'm presuming there are some wonderful stuff we're unaware of.

Deb Nance at Readerbuzz said...


stujallen said...

Sounds like a great idea Gary ,love to see who the Jury pick ,all the best stu

@parridhlantern said...

Hi Deb, thanks.
Hi Stu, hopefully both the original & translation soon.