Monday, October 31, 2011

All-Hallows-Even ("evening"), that is, the night before All Hallows Day Although the phrase All Hallows is found in Old English (ealra hālgena mæssedæg, mass-day of all saints.

My Little Fools.
Have you? ---
Have you ever been scared?
I ask you again, my poor little friends
have you ever been scared?
Hiding – buried deep in the cupboard
where the hot water-pipe rattles your soul
hearing a foot on the stairs
feeling  those worries and cares
Knowing, you, are their only goal! or
now running down a dark lane
the screams and the shouts just behind
you stumble fall, graze your hand on the wall
knowing there is nowhere else left to hide
Your hearts beating faster and faster
you think it’s about to explode
but there is no relief in this tension
as you feel this anxiety grow.
Have you? ---
Have you, ever been paranoid?
I ask you again, my poor little friends
have you ever been paranoid?
Don’t! hide in the deepest of corners.
Don’t wrap yourself up in the gloom.
Don’t wait for the knife, on
some drear weary night, or
you’ll find yourself deep in some tomb.
Then, you may think your troubles over
well, friends you can’t know me that well
because I’ll raise all the ghouls
and those sleep-sodden fools
to make sure they stir up your hell.
Oh paranoids, paranoids! show
me all your little toys, hide
from me all you little boys
-------------------------and girls.
Have you? ---
Have you, ever killed someone?
Laid, down, their bleeding corpse.
I ask you again, my poor little friends
have you, ever killed someone?
Seen the knife, flash bright in the moonlight
heard the pistol, bark and sigh
seen the terror and fright,
felt the thrill and delight
as you realise it’s not you who’s to die.
Then you read all your deeds in the paper
the infamous things you have tried
gun in hand, knife in yourdiablo waistband.
You know it’s you who will fry!  But
you’ll wait for your moment of glory
a shootout you’ll face one dark night
with the forces of law, to even the score
as they judicially finish your life.
So, now, my little paranoids
scared killers all!
You’ll meet me some day
in some infinite way
and realise you were my
little fools!

If you have a Poem/ Poet, you admire please introduce them to me.


Anonymous said...

Very entertaining, Gary! So you made this yourself? I'm impressed.

Bellezza said...

Whoa! Creepy stuff here, Parrish. At first I thought it was a poem I'd read to my class this morning, but as I got halfway down I realized I'd better not. Don't want those parent phone calls...
Happy Halloween, Happy All Saints Day, Happy Eating Chocolate at Our House! We'll send the devils back to the pit of hell where they belong. :)

Christopher said...

A grim piece of work here! Happy Halloween yourself! Cheers! Chris

@parridhlantern said...

Hi Judith,Yes it's one of mine. Thanks for your comment.

Hi Bellezza, Those phone calls, are far scarier than the pome. Before sending them back, remember to check them for contraband (chocs etc.)

Happy Halloween. Chris.

James said...

Brilliant! I would say more, but only anonymously for I'm sure someone is out there looking for me. However, I'm not paranoid.

@parridhlantern said...

Thanks James, was fun to write & to read to my daughter. although done quietly so as not to awake any fiendish entities.

Rise said...

I was scared. But entertained. :p

Unknown said...

I am glad I had a glass of libation before reading this as I was thinking at the beginning of the poem that it was about the unspeakable (those who prey on children in the worst way - perhaps it is???).. it don't get scarier than that...

@parridhlantern said...

Thanks Rise.

Hi Shellie, The Little Fools & boys & Girls, collectively represent mankind & the voice is the devil & is basically saying that whatever you're doing, at the end if the day you're his, that for all your freewill it's him you're running towards.

Tom Cunliffe said...

Well, that certainly gets into the spirit of the thing doesn't it. I look forward to reading more occasional original work from you

@parridhlantern said...

Thanks Tom.

Kinna said...

Most grim. Loved the escalation. Delicious!

@parridhlantern said...

Thanks Chris, glad you enjoyed.

Hi Kinna, the aim was to build it to some kind of crescendo, before revealing the reason for it. Thanks for your comment.