Monday, September 12, 2011

Snakes and Ladders (BBAW)

As a book blogger, you start whispering your first thoughts, your posts, then as your confidence builds, you get not necessarily louder, but your voice carries better - further, you feel your ability to express your thoughts, to confidently map out the process by which you arrived at a conclusion has improved. This Situation comes about via the support network you build up starting with that first individual that heard your earliest whispers and answered -  this gives you that boost, that sets you up, for those dark days when no one seems to know you’re alive, because blogging can be a bit like snakes and ladders, there are days when all you do is climb, when everything you write resounds like a bell clear to all, and then there are those that, no matter what you do, you appear to be shouting into a vacuum and dostep-ladderswn the snake you go. Slowly this little community builds and if you are lucky continues growing, but if you are extra lucky you never loose those original individuals that were there at the start.
My first ever comment was from Pete Karnas from What You Read, a fantastic blogger living in China and who I still regularly exchange comments with, also three other bloggers that were there in those first days are Gina from Books, art, and other distractions, Bellezza from Dolce Bellezza & my first ever and still favourite challenge Japanese Literature Challenge (now in it’s fifth season).  There is also an individual who constantly makes me up my game with the books he finds and the other reason for my continued admiration for the works of Japanese Writers: Mel U, of The Reading Life. Thankfully I’m still in regular contact with these people and my blogging world is a lot better for it.  So a big thank you for being there in the early days and for still being there now.


  1. Hi, I am stopping by to visit your blog via the list of posts for Day one

    Please Stop by My Blog of you Like

    Parrish Lantern-you are also an inspiration to me-and my humble gratitude for mentioning me

  2. I love the way you described the process of starting off in blogging land. Wonderful!

  3. Thanks for the mention! I appreciate your continued support for my blog and the many, many wonderful book recommendations I've gotten from your posts and your comments over at my place (now reading The Wasp Factory by Iain Banks, recommended somewhere by you I believe). While I started my blog primarily as a way to chronicle my own reading, the connections with other bloggers, like yourself, has made it all the more rewarding.

  4. Thanks for introducing me to What you Read - it is a new to me blog and looks fantastic. I especially love the fact that Pete is reading The Wasp Factory - I've just finished it and would love to talk to someone about it.

    I'm also a massive fan of Bellezza's blog - she has caused me to buy a lot of books recently.

    Great post - love the thought of blogging whispers :-)

  5. I still remember my first few months as a new blogger and how important those first commentors were to me continuing blogging. Glad too that you found those who heard your whispers and boosted you up.

  6. I've visited several blogs today who have mentioned the Japanese Literature Challenge and it's definitely caught my attention. I'll need to find out if children's literature can be included...

  7. Some good bloggers here in your recommendations, Gary :)

  8. stopping by via BBAW2011.
    I like your view on blogging as snakes and ladders. I still have days I go down the snakes.

    So many new blogs for me to visit.

    have a good week


  9. what happens when no one reads your blog? It's great to have those who started with you still with you.

  10. Parrish, you are an influential blogger to me. You enrich my life with your knowledge of poetry, your insightful comments in response to my posts, and your constant encouragement. I love your blog, the way that it expands my reading world. Thank you.

  11. Well, I highlighted two blogs. One of that is YOU!

    I had a hard time choosing. But I think one should opt for lesser known blogs. Isn't that the intention of community? To spread far and wide!!

    Here is my post:

    BBAW 2011: Community

  12. Gary! Thank you for the mention--it looks like I'm in great company! Yours was also one of the first book blogs that I followed and, I think I say this in 90% of my comments here, you're always introducing me to new and interesting writers and poets. Can't wait to see what else you have in store:)

    ps how many times will I change my blog name? i started reading A Reader on Reading again for inspiration :P

  13. Snakes and Ladders, that is the perfect way to describe blogging.

    Great post.

  14. Thank you for commenting on my post today! I'm surprised we haven't "met" before but I look forward to knowing you better in the future.

  15. What a wonderful post! I completely agree and I'm so happy that so many of the blogs that started with me back a couple years ago are still there. We all support each other and make this something to be looked forward to each and every day. I love it!

    And thank you for introducing me to some new blogs! These look fantastic!

  16. That's a perfect description of how it feels to start blogging.

    I haven't heard of the blogs you mention. I will have to check them out.

  17. I love how you described starting out with blogging -- that's spot on! And thank you for the new blog recommendations. I'm getting so many excellent ones today! Happy BBAW!

  18. All new to me. I'll be checking them out. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  19. I love your description! It's just like that! Have a great BBAW!

  20. Thank you so much for stopping by. Your post is so true!

  21. I blogged for over a year with just two commenters, and they will always hold a special place in my heart. I read a couple of the blogs you mentioned, but I will have to check out the others.

  22. It is incredible how much blogging has enriched my life. I've met too very good friends in real life thanks to my blog and have virtually met lots of wonderful people all over the world. Lovely tribute to your blogger mates. Well done!

  23. I stopped over from Gautami's blog. I'll have to check out your posts more often. I liked the creative nature of this one.

  24. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I seriously love the people who read (and commented) on my blog from the beginning. It always kind of amazes me that people take the time to read what I write. :)
    Happy BBAW.

  25. Lovely post! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier today :)

    Happy BBAW!

  26. "Snakes and ladders" describes the process perfectly! Even after almost two years I feel like I have my off days, but luckily the community always builds me back up!

  27. You have articulated it our voices are like whispers and then grow louder. I recall that in the beginning, I was writing into a void. No comments, no responses. That gradually changed with the help of others.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  28. There are so many book blogs that I'm missing out on because I don't know they exist so thanks for bringing some new to me book blogs to my attention. I look forward to going through them.

    Enjoy the rest of BBAW. =)

  29. Some new to me bloggers there, fantastic! I was lucky to have some really great bloggers find me early on and inspire me (Iris, Eva, Ana, Kinna), but I did post a few months to myself :) It's funny how I was so scared to comment on other people's posts for the longest time because I was scared it was some kind of closed community. SO not the case!

  30. I have a list of the people that were there for me at the beginning, too. I love this community... thank you so much for sharing who helped you get started.

  31. Thanks for visiting as The Window Seat Reader. :) I'm only familiar with one blogger you mention... that's one thing that's so cool about the blogosphere - it's neverending!

  32. I love that I keep finding new blogs to check out from these posts! The commenters from the early days of blogging are some of the best ones out there :) Have a great week!

  33. Those first commenters always hold a special place in the heart of anyone who was ever a new blogger. Most of yours are new to me (except for Bellezza whose blog I love!), and I'll have to check them out!

  34. I think my first commenters were anonymous! Fun post and I love the snakes and ladders analogy!

  35. Thanks Mel & my mention was deserved.

    Hi Judith, It seemed an appropriate image to me, thanks.

    Hi Pete & thanks probably through his book on Whisky, which is funnily enough our first subject matter Michael Jackson's Whisky & beer books.

    Hi Jackie, Pete's Blog brilliant & one of the first I found & Bellezza 's just meraviglioso (wonderful).

    Thanks Jan, It does make all the difference in those early days.

    Hello Playing by the book, If you just take one thing away from this visit, make it be a determination to check out the Japanese Literature challenge #5

    Danke Tony, and if anyone reading these comments fancy checking out some literature of German origin Tony's yer man.

    Hi Dizzy C, same here there are days when someones walked off with the ladders Exchanging them for a bag of snakes.

  36. Hi nana, I guess you go on regardless, But that's not a problem you face with your great Blog.

    Ciao Bellezza, Thanks, here's hoping we can continue to inspire, in the way the written word inspire us -"Ideal Readers do not follow a story; they partake of it.".

    Thanks Gautami, much appreciated & coming from a fellow poetry obsessive.

    Hi & Thanks Gina, works both ways,who was the one that kicked off my Oulipo obsession.

    Thank You Marce, It just seemed right.

    Hello Kristin M, it's amazing how many people with a love of the written word there are, for years I thought this a solitary obsession, now all these possible friends.

  37. Hello 1st Daughter, and thank you it's great having a group of individuals who share you're loves, and want to discuss them.

    Thank You Alison, please do they're wonderful blogs, run by fantastic BookFiends.

    Thank You Erin & hope you end up enjoying them as much as I do.

    Thank You Linda, they're all fantastic.

    Thanks Amused, it seemed right.

    And Thank you Teresa.

    Hi Anna & although you can blog, without commenters & there are people that may like that, when you start a dialogue with someone that shares your love of the written word, it opens up your ideas, makes you aware of other opinions, which is just fantastic, thought provoking & so far from what could be perceived as an insular isolated activity.

    Thank you Maria Grazia, it's amazing how many people you meet, that become great blogging friends.

    thank you Serena.hope your revisit doesn't disappoint .

    Thank You, it's that early support that gives you the boost to try more.

    thanks Emily & a happy BBAW to you.

    Hi IntrovertedJen, same here some days no matter what, I can't make myself understood then there's those where just the slightest nuance & all know my meaning.

    Thank You Laurel- Rain snow, It does seem that way, it's like screaming into a canyon & then waiting,, waiting and waiting, then one day if you're lucky you hear a voice but the great thing with the blogging community, is that it's not quite an echo, just someone with the same love.

    Hi Rowena, Some many wonderful blogs & so little time to read them all. thanks for finding mine.

    Hi Amy, at the start I was a bit shy about commenting, would my opinion be valid etc, but with a bit of time it became easier, now you can't shut me up, ask my regulars.

  38. Those people that you either reach out to or they reach out to you when you first start blogging are really special!

  39. Love how you used snakes and ladders to describe book blogging! And yay for Asian bloggers, I believe Mel U is a fellow Filipino book blogger.

  40. Book blogging is such a fantastic hobby and journey, isn't it? The best part about it is this fantastic community we're all a part of. So glad to have found you via BBAW!

  41. Thanks Lu, as a community its hard to beat.

    Hi Bailey, and growing constantly.

    Hello Samantha, yes definitely agree.

    Hi Megan thanks & yeh Bellezza.

    Hi Melissa, they still commented & may have revealed themselves later when they felt able.

    Hello Meg, totally, they nurture you in your first steps.

    Hi Chachic,Thanks & yes Mel is & a real inspirational blogger.

    Hello Susan, It is & I'm thankful for it.

  42. Wow! Awesome blog...thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting!

  43. I love your snakes and ladders analogy ... very fitting! I sometimes contemplate giving it all up when I'm in a "snake" phase but then I climb a ladder and it is all seems easy and worthwhile.

  44. What a great metaphor! Thanks for sharing it.

  45. It's amazing how we as bloggers all depend on each other. Amazinga nd beautiful.

  46. The first comment you never forget! =P

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  47. I really enjoyed your snakes and ladder metaphor. So true.

    I think the first relationships one builds when their blog is starting out are extra special for that very reason. They were with you when your voice was still learning to carry, and they have been there with you to celebrate your successes as your blog grows.


  48. Thank you Amy, hoping you're enjoying the BBAW.

    I'm glad you liked the snakes and ladders idea, and like yourself sometimes the snakes hold sway & others..

    Hi Unruly reader & thanks.

    Hi Kris, In total agreement.

    Hello Reading, I know who, what book & what was said - but then I'm quite sad & obsessive.

    Hi Quirky Girls, thanks & again I agree, altho you make some fantastic links & friends along the way (& I have) it's that first helping hand that you remember.


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