Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Parrish Lantern news/waffle


Recently I’ve been attempting to tidy up The Parrish Lantern, creating specific pages (in sidebar) for some of my obsessions. The idea behind this was to make it easier to find points of interest, for example, Pomesallsizes, is the title I use for all my poetic posts, whether this is individual Poems, collections by a specific writer, writing about styles of Poetry or a particular publisher (more about this soon). With Pomesallsizes I want this to be a resource for links to anything vaguely related to poetry, whether it’s Magazines/Journals, publishers, organisations or Bloggers who promote Poetry - Anything. So please Explore and if you have a favourite poetry site, whether it’s a local area one or something international, please put the details in the comment box, so I can check it out.



Bellezza said...

Parrish, I've been meaning to 'introduce' you to a long time blogging friend of mine Magical Mystical Teacher. He's been blogging as long as I have, maybe a bit before, which would be 2006. He is a teacher, now located in Arizona for the year. He writes wonderful poems, wonderful haiku, and I think it would be good for you to know one another.

Mel u said...

Have you considered adding pages to the top of your blog-you can add up to ten permanent pages where readers can easily pull up different features or aspects of your blog-an easy to use feature of blogger-that way it does not fill up your side bar

@parridhlantern said...

Thanks Bellezza, will Have a wander over to his site for a gander & will add him to the bloglist on the pomesallsizes page thanks.

hi Mel,Thanks for the suggestion, think I tried before& didn't like the look of it, but was a while ago ,so may try again thanks.