Sunday, March 13, 2011

UME Blossoms (Japan)

ume blossom1

Pink Ume Blossoms
Melt the Mountain Snows, sweet
Fragrant like the Sun

Our Thoughts are with you.


Bellezza said...

Oh, so beautiful! A reminder that beauty is still there, if hidden for now.

@parridhlantern said...

Hi Bellezza, It is a beautiful isn't it But also full of meaning,I Chose this particular blossom because of what if symbolizes. In china because they bloom most vibrantly amidst the winter snow, after most other plants have shed their leaves, and before other flowers appear. They are seen as an example of resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity,Whilst in Japan they're seen as a symbol of spring. When used in haiku or renga, they are a kigo (season word) for early spring. In Japanese tradition the Ume functions as a protective charm against evil. For this reason, the Ume is traditionally planted in the north-east of the garden, the direction from which evil is believed to come. The eating of the pickled fruit for breakfast is also supposed to stave off misfortune.As for the Haiku, I couldn't find one that said what I wanted, so I wrote one.

Chinoiseries said...

I really like the symbolism (and it's such a beautiful photo!), spring also stands for new beginnings and Japan needs to look to the future now.

Bellezza said...

Ah, I knew you wrote that lovely haiku, Parrish, (or guessed it), but I didn't know all the meaning behind the flower. Thanks for teaching me!

@parridhlantern said...

Hi, chinoiseries. I Wanted to put all my feelings & thoughts in a simple beautiful image, so I tried to use symbolism to explain what I meant, to put forward an idea of hope, & even through the refection of the blossom (Tweaked Photo) the idea of calm, as in a Japanese garden.

Thanks Bellezza.

Anonymous said...

a lovely piece ,all the best stu