Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Ideal Guide

 This has been described as the most comprehensive & thoroughly researched guide ever produced. Jim Murray has tasted over 2,500 Single Malt Whiskies, 240 Blended Scotches & around 260 American Whiskeys in the quest to make this the book it is. The Whisky Bible is a fantastic shortcut to discovering the world of whisky, it's a reference source for the consumer, the industry & the drinks trade, but most of all it's a fantstic guide to research how many expressions of a favourite whisky you can find, preferably with a bottle of your favourite malt. 


Unknown said...

Hi Parrish -
I love a good whiskey or a pint.

I just found your blog via Book blogs and your post there in Translated literature.

I thought you could use a new follower. :)

I love translations, and the book seer is really cool isn't it. I have a some fun sites like that on my twitter account.

@parridhlantern said...

Hi shellie thanks for coming on board,if you want to discuss your favourite whisky,book etc feel free to do so. I like bookseer, but have you tried the literature-map its prettier & gives whole maps worth of writers to check out.

Unknown said...

That one sounds really cool!
I have not seen the literature map but it does sound vaguely familiar. Do you have a link?
cheers :)

@parridhlantern said...

Either go to the bottom of my page under the My Crystal Ball heading (you'll see bookseer there too)or copy this & paste it into a search area. hope this helps.
Bye Parrish