Saturday, April 10, 2010

R.i.p. Malcolm Mclaren

1976 the sex pistols wake up a sleeping grande old dame called england nodding her head gently to some ode to bach,greig,handel played on a 12 string electric guitar  whilst everything around the vicinity slowly developes a slightly gray overcoat ,a tinge of verdigris.The question of whether this wake up call was the totally malcolm's direction whether punk or the pistols was purely his idea ,is i think a mute point regardless of who instigated the band without his genius for publicity,his ability to  set the hounds of the moral righteous howling, no one would have heard of the band outside a small clique in the capital.The fact that he went on to introduce us to hiphop via his own recordings (double dutch) & then to incorporate opera ( fans) into this, just showed the scale of his interests & imagination.So regardless of what you thought of his role in punk or whether his was an original idea or one he just dressed in a different fashion that made a old lady shake herself awake & pour herself into those ripped leather trousers to strut & shake her ass, in the end it doesn't matter he was a character , a role model, a new aspiration showing us we could try it another way that we didn't need to follow the rest as long as the idea was there we could chase it & for that he deserves a mighty cheer a great hurrah to send him off .So cheers malcolm & ta.

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