Saturday, May 15, 2010

ARDBEG supernova 2010


A new expression of Ardbeg's supernova is due for release on the 31'st of may here in the U.K.
The blurb on it is that its stronger (60.1% abv), deeper, earthier which translate as peatier, which is measured in P.P.M (parts per million) & last years version was in the 100 ppm range, which doubles the standard 17 yr old, all tho there's nothing standard about it.So so far so good, as usual with Ardbeg its non-chillfiltered & according to the tasting notes" its aroma is big & powerful with peaty, earthy & deep herbal notes, taste-wise it challenges the palate with a smoke & salt explosion with chili & chocolate.The finish being long, deep & powerful remaining warm before drying with tarry peat cocoa & chili". As its not out at the moment I haven't tasted it YET, but based on the information floating  in cyberspace(?), its going to be Ardbeg but more so, more peat, strength ,bite,
more of everything that makes Ardbeg the whisky I love & there
may be a risk that they've over done it, but I'm more than willing
to risk it with my hard earned.

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