Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Music,Books & good Malt Whisky

This is a big hello to anyone who came here looking for "Music,Books & good Malt Whisky",you are in the right place i've just changed the name to" The Parrish Lantern". the obsessions are the same,the name change just makes things easier as it now matches the address & also matches my email. The name is a colloquialism for the moon(my surname) as it was the only light source for rural places back in the mists of time,the only lantern to light a path through the dark paths & byways.I came across the name & stole it from dean koontz as it was the name of a character in "By the light of the moon" quite liked the individual ,loved the name & its meaning so i sneaked it of the page & started using it as my own confession over hope you'll recover from the shock of my misdemeanor & still visit this blog . If you like join & feel free to post

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